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“GO & PARTNERS” adalah Persatuan Kantor Hukum yang didirikan dengan tujuan untuk memberi jasa pelayanan hukum kepada masyarakat baik perusahaan maupun perorangan.

Dengan adanya komitmen kuat serta tanggung jawab yang besar dalam menangani aneka ragam persoalan hukum, menjadikan “GO & PARTNERS” mendapatkan kepercayaan dari berbagai kalangan masyarakat.

Law Consultant, Lawyer
What We Expert at

Our Services Scope

We offer Legal Consultant Service with the scope as following:

Due Diligence Case, Lawyer Law Consultant, Due Dilligence Per Case
Legal Due Dilligence / Legal Audit and Legal Opinion (Based on Per Case)

Consultant will do the legal due dilligence to the corporate actions covering merger and acquisition, which are needed legal consideration and document audit in implementing corporate action.

Due Dilligance Case Per Year Due Diligence Case Lawyer Law Consultant
Legal Due Dilligence / Legal Audit and Legal Opinion (Based on Company Performance Per Year)

Consultant will do the companion for the corportionin any negotiation to the third parties, especially in contract drafting and dispute in the contract implementation for the business interest.

Establishment Company, Lawyer, Law Consultant, Due Dilligence Per Case
Establishment of Organization or Corporate
  1. Establishment of Civil Partnership, Firm, Organization, Foundation and Corporation.
  2. Establishment of Commanditair Vennotschap (CV).
  3. Establishment of Limited Company (PT) Included establishment deed, validation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Tax Identification Number, Domicile Letter, Company Registration Number.
Contract, Lawyer, Law Consultant
Contract / Deed / Acte / Rules Drafting
  1. General Business Agreement Drafting.
  2. Standard Operational Company (SOP).
  3. Company Rules.
Corporate Action and Indonesian Capital Market Consultation

Assisting in merger & acquisition (M&A), consolidation, spin off, IPO, back door listing / delisting / relisting / corporate action (tender issue, share buyback).

Financial Statement, Tax, Lawyer, Law Consultant
Financial Statement and Tax Report Drafting
  1. Financial Statement Drafting Services
  2. Monthly Tax Report (Value Added Tax and Income Tax)
  3. Annually Tax Report drafting for Corporation.




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